Visifire v1.0.8 Beta Released


Visifire v1.0.8 beta has been released. We have added few new features in this release. One major feature is interactivity. Mouse events are now supported for all Chart elements in managed code. So one can easily implement drill down in Silverlight applications. We have added one more animation type, "Type5". Below is a summary of this release.

Bug Fixes:

  • If multiple charts are created within the same Silverlight application, ToolTip was coming only for the first chart.
  • Animation types , Type2 and Type3 were throwing exception if Chart is created inside the ScrollViewer.
  • ImageStretch property for Chart element was not getting applied.


  • Interactivity – Mouse Events are now supported for all elements within the managed code.
  • Interactivity – On click of a DataPoint in Pie and Doughnut , the corresponding DataPoint explodes.
  • Animation – New animation type, "Type5" has been introduced.

Thanks for your attention,

Team Visifire

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