Visifire now supports Secondary Y Axis


Visifire v1.0.11 Beta is released with the most coveted feature: Secondary Y Axis. Visifire is now compatible with Silverlight 2 Beta 2. You can download the latest release from the download page. 

New Feature:

  • Secondary Y Axis – In the DataSeries use AxisYType="Secondary" to specify the reference axis for the DataSeries and Visifire automatically creates the secondary axis. To change the settings of the Secondary Y Axis just create a regular AxisY and set the attribute as AxisType="Secondary". If this attribute is not set then the default axis type will be "Primary". Have a look at the Visifire Gallery for charts having Secondary Y Axis.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements:

  • ToolTipEnabled property for trend line was redundant, as providing ToolTipText enables it automatically. Hence it was removed.
  • ScalingEnabled property for AxisX/AxisY was redundant, as providing ScalingSets enables it automatically. Hence it was removed.
  • Exception was being thrown in Area Charts if there was only one DataPoint in a DataSeries.

Thanks for your attention,

Team Visifire


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    [...] there is more to add, Visifire now supports the most coveted feature : Secondary Y – Axis. Check this post for more [...]

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