Visifire v1.1.3 released


This version contains improved reporting for errors. Now the error log shows even the inner exceptions thrown by Silverlight along with the line no. & character position.

For eg. If unknown attribute name set in XML user is alerted in the following way.

Message: Unknown attribute Yvalue on element DataPoint. [Line: 2 Position: 330]

& if a wrong property value is set this message is shown.

Message: AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE [Line: 2 Position: 328]

By this, users will know the specific attribute name or value set in XML that doesn’t conform to Visifire’s XML standards.



Team Visifire

Visifire v1.1.2 released


We have made a minor change to the Visifire.js. Now you can set the background color of the silverlight plug-in while creating the visifire charts object. For example,

var chart = new Visifire( ‘Visifire.xap’, ‘slPlugin1′, 500, 300, ‘transparent’);

Here ‘slPlugin1′ is the ID of the silverlight control and it is optional. The last parameter in the constructor is the color which is again optional with default set to ‘white’.

Note: To make the plug-in background transparent, you’ll have to set the windowless state to ‘true’ using function:


Thanks for your attention.

Team Visifire