Visifire v1.5.4 released



This release contains fixes for the following bugs:

  • Chart went blank if the no. of data points were more than 200.
  • Tooltips disappeared & JS events did not work after v1.5.2 internal release.
    (An emergency release – v1.5.3 – was done with the fix.)
  • Vertical scroller for Logger did not scroll automatically if the content outside the viewport was selected.
  • Charts flickered when updated from JS.


  • Visifire’s “Auto Label Skip” feature can be enabled by setting Interval = “0″. This feature is helpful when there are high no. of datapoints where in Labels are skipped at regular intervals to avoid overlapping. Eg. <vc:AxisX Interval=”0″/>

Download the latest release here.

Team Visifire

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