Visifire v2.0.7 beta Released



This release contains fix for the following bugs:

  • Labels for chart type – Pie/Doughnut overlapped in some extreme cases.
  • Property – StartAngle was not calculated as expected, for chart type – Pie/Doughnut.
  • Chart did not render if chart type was Pie/Doughnut with only one DataPoint & property – View3D set to True .
  • Pie/Doughnut charts did not render as expected when there was only one DataPoint with value 0.
  • Labels appeared for the DataPoints with value 0 for the chart type – Pie/Doughnut.
  • For the chart types – Column & Bar, the XValue of the DataPoints interchanged, if the DataPoint value of the first DataSeries was negative.
  • Multi series chart threw exception if property – ColorSet was set.

Current release also contains the following enhancements:

  • A new property to get the current position of scrollbar is added. Property – ScrollBarOffset can be used to get/set the position of scrollbar. The value varies from 0 to 1.
  • Chart performance has been optimized by partially updating the properties – MarkerColor, MarkerBorderThickness & MarkerBorderColor for the elements – DataPoint & DataSeries.

Download Visifire v2.0.7 beta here.

Team Visifire

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