Visifire 2.2.2 released



We have just released Visfire 2.2.2. This release contains fix for the following bugs

  • Left most gap and right most gap was not equal for some cases in DateTime Axis.
  • If SelectionEnabled property of DataSeries was set to true for chart type Pie/ Doughnut, selected pie or Doughnut segment was not exploding automatically.
  • Grids were not aligned properly for some cases in DateTime Axis.
  • In case of Pie/Doughnut chart, if LabelText property was not defined for DataPoint/DataSeries, percentage symbol (%) was not appearing in label displayed beside each Pie/Doughnut segment.

Also we have updated Visifire documentation extensively in this release.

Download Visifire v2.2.2 here.

Team Visifire


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