Visifire Silverlight and WPF Charts v3.0 beta 2 Released!



This release contains fix for the following bugs:

  • Chart was not getting updated properly while updating it using setDataUri() method.
  • In 3D Area chart, if AnimatedUpdate property was set to True and YValue property of DataPoint is updated at realtime, chart was not rendering properly.
  • In Bar chart, while updating YValue ScrollBarOffset property value was getting changed.
  • In 3D Column chart, DataPoints were not getting clipped properly at the right side of PlotArea if axis changes while updating chart at realtime.
  • In Column and Bar charts, selected DataPoint was automatically getting deselected while updating chart at realtime.

Current release also contains the following enhancement:

  • In order to make the error handling much more simpler and easier, a new event “onError” has been added in Visifire’s JavaScript API. For more info, please check documentation.

Download Visifire v3.0 beta 2 here.

Team Visifire

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