Visifire Silverlight and WPF Charts 3.0.4 Released!



Today we have released the final version of Visifire v3.0.4 which contains the following major features:

  • Zooming
  • Step Line chart

Also this release contains fix for the following bugs:

  • If AnimatedUpdate property was set to True in Step Line chart then while updating DataPoints at real-time, first DataPoint was not animating properly.
  • In Line and Step Line chart, if Enabled property was set to False for a DataPoint then MovingMarker, Indicator and Label were appearing for that DataPoint.
  • In a multi-series Column and Line chart, if Column DataSeries had DataPoint’s YValue greater than zero and Line DataSeries had few Datapoint’s YValue less than zero then while updating line series at realtime, column series was not updating correctly.
  • In Step Line chart, if any DataPoint had YValue less than zero then label color was not proper.
  • If MarkerEnabled property was set to False in Step Line chart, then corresponding Legend entry was missing.
  • In Area chart, if LabelEnabled property was set to True for a DataPoint, label was not appearing.
  • If ZoomingEnabled property was set to True, then while updating chart at real-time and PlotArea size changes, PlotArea and Axis were getting clipped.
  • If IndicatorEnabled property was set to True in chart, Indicator was not behaving as expected while updating chart at real-time.
  • Zooming was not working as expected for Bar chart.
  • In a multi-series Line and StackedArea chart, if Line DataSeries was updated at real-time, StackedArea DataSeries was not behaving as expected.

You can download Visifire v3.0.4 here.

Team Visifire

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