Visifire Silverlight and WPF Charts v3.5.7 GA Released!



Today we are releasing Visifire 3.5.7 GA with the following features:

Also this release contains fix for the following bugs:

  • In Line, StepLine and Spline charts, markers were disappearing while zooming and updating DataPoints simultaneously at realtime.
  • If the FontSize of AxisLabels for Secondary AxisY was set to an odd value, AxisLabels were clipping.
  • In Polar chart if any DataPoint’s YValue was set to NaN, it was considered as zero internally.
  • Opacity property was not working as expected for DataSeries and DataPoint if set through property binding.
  • If there was single DataPoint in chart and YValue property for that DataPoint was set to a decimal value, AxisMaximum was not getting generated properly.

Visifire v3.1.4 for Silverlight 3 has also been released with the above described features.

You can download Visifire v3.1.4 & v3.5.7 here.

Team Visifire

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