Visifire Silverlight and WPF Charts v3.5.9 Released!



Today we are releasing Visifire 3.5.9. This release contains fix for the following bugs:

  • Chart was leaking memory while adding and removing chart  in a Panel at real-time.
  • In WPF, Chart threw exception while modifying the  Template of the Chart in Blend.
  • Event on labels were not working  for Pie, Doughnut, Pyramid charts.
  • Chart threw exception while mapping with High, Open, Close value of YValues property in DataPoint.
  • Color of the 3D column or bar was not proper if LightingEnabled property was set to false in DataSeries and DataPoint.

Also this release contains the following enhancement:

  • StickColor property has been implemented in DataSeries.

You can download Visifire v3.5.9 here.

Note: Including today’s release, future releases of Visifire will not support Silverlight 3. We’re finding it tough to support Silverlight 3 while exploiting the features of Silverlight 4.

Team Visifire

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