Visifire Silverlight and WPF Charts v3.6.6 Released!



Today we are releasing final version of Visifire, v3.6.6 with the following new feature:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Chart XAML

<vc:Chart Width=”660″ Height=”290″ Theme=”Theme1″ CornerRadius=”12″ >

<DropShadowEffect Color=”Gray” ></DropShadowEffect>

<vc:Title Text=”Products in stock” TextDecorations=”UnderLine” FontSize=”16″ />

<vc:Axis Title=”Quantity” TitleFontSize=”12″ TitleTextDecorations=”UnderLine”></vc:Axis>

<vc:DataSeries RenderAs=”Column” MinPointHeight=”4″ RadiusY=”4″ RadiusX=”4″ ToolTipText=”#AxisXLabel #YValue in Stock”>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product A” YValue=”50″/>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product B” YValue=”35″/>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product C” YValue=”78″/>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product D” YValue=”29″/>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product E” YValue=”16″/>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product C” YValue=”2″/>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product D” YValue=”0″/>
<vc:DataPoint AxisXLabel=”Product E” YValue=”0″/>

You can go through documentation to know more.

Also this release includes few bug fixes:

  • ToolTipText property of DataSeries was not getting applied from Style.
  • Chart threw exception if IndicatorEnabled property was set to true and ToolTipEnabled property was set to false.
  • In 3D chart depth of the plank was not calculated properly according to the z-index order of DataSeries.
  • Animation was not working as expected in Out-of-Browser Silverlight application.

You can download Visifire v3.6.6 here.

Team Visifire

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