Performance optimised. Initial render now 2x faster!


We are pleased to announce the release of Visifire v4.5. It’s challenging to ship an eye-candy, interactive and at the same time fast charts. We love challenges, hence this release – to make the fast charts even faster. When there are large number of DataPoints every second counts. The time taken by chart to appear for the first time (initial render) contributes a lot to the user experience. As the title says initial render is now 2 times faster. Below are some benchmark figures:

Column Chart

DataPoints Time Taken
Now Before
10000 7 secs. 14 secs.
5000 3 secs. 7 secs.

QuickLine Chart

DataPoints Time Taken
Now Before
10000 3 secs. 5.5 secs.
5000 2 secs. 3.5 secs.

Faster initial render not only benefits those who want to draw chart out of large number of DataPoints, but also improves user experience in resource constraint devices like a phone (Windows Phone 7).

Note that initial render has not been optimized for Pie & Doughnut charts yet.

We will continue optimizing to achieve higher speed & better user experience. In that pursuit we are now working on improving real-time rendering speed. Stay tuned.

You can download Visifire v4.5 beta here.

Team Visifire


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