Visifire SharePoint Charts v1.0.1-6 beta Released!



After receiving a lot of  requests we are introducing a new feature called Split Data in Visifire for SharePoint. Split Data functionality allows you to quickly summarize data and highlight the desired information.  Splitting of data can be performed by choosing suitable Split By column along with Grouping data.

Below is the pictorial representation of  Split Data functionality. The output gives a multi-dimensional table where we can analyze sales across different region on a particular ship date.

For more information on Split Data feature please follow the documentation link here.

Also this release includes parsing a QueryString within Href.  This feature is applicable  for  Href  property in  DataSeries. Modifiers (#AxisXLabel, #XValue, #YValue) can be appended to Href Property of DataSeries.  When you click the DataSeries you will be redirected to another page based on the Modifier. This will be very helpful while creating drill-down charts.

This release contains fix for the following bug:

  • DataSource was not getting updated due to caching issue in IE8 and IE9

You can download Visifire for SharePoint v1.0.1-6 beta here.

Team Visifire

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