SharePoint Charts v1.0.4-0 beta Released!


Today we are releasing Visifire for SharePoint 1.0.4-0 beta with the fix for the following bugs.

  • The DataSource selector in chart designer was not populating lists beyond first level sub-sites.
  • Series Tab was not loaded with previously saved configuration

Also in this release the following new properties has been added in Chart designer.

  • Chart: IndicatorLineColor, AxisIndicatorBackground, AxisIndicatorFontColor, AxisIndicatorFontSize.
  • Series: AutoFitToPlotArea, BubbleStyle, BorderColor, BorderThickness, LineCap, LineFill, LineTension, IncludeDataPointsInLegend, PercentageFormatString, LabelLineColor, LabelLineEnabled, LabelLineStyle, LabelLineThickness, MarkerBorderColor, MaarkerBorderThickness, RadiusX, RadiusY.
  • PlotArea: SideFaceBackground
  • Legend: MarkerSize

You can download Visifire for SharePoint 1.0.4-0 beta  here.

Team Visifire

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